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First day at Kindergarten.


I think I’ll be getting another collapse attack or whatever by the end of the week. 


Tim, Damian and Jason sent to a Justice Lords parallel Earth?? Where they meet the Dick Grayson there??


Title: Punished
Characters: Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson
A/N: Okay, I didn’t do as much research on the Justice Lords as I said I was going to, so…I winged it. Haha, I hope this is okay. Whatever persona Dick is, he isn’t wearing a mask.

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please continue this :C  


guys!! If anyone’s got some Tim Drake fics, please link it to me! 

if its a pairing thing, which is very VERY much welcome, either timdick, timdamian, timjay or tim/bruce. also tim/cass and tim and tamara fox :> but i prefer the first three.


lmao lmao I tryyyy xDD

  1. B-TANDOODLEZ said: Heeeeeey~ Preeeeetty laydeeeeh. Your hair is so lovely btw and I can’t wait to see you kick some butt. XD

aah thats.. also a wig xD haha. my hair’s terrible and so I got a wig and attached a highlight thing (or two) to it :> but thanksss! Pffch. idk when i’ll be able to do that </3 


Storge` : An interactive storybook about Familial Love 

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Fandom friend application

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Name: larynth or Nat

Gender: im a girl ouo

Height:  like 4’11-4’11 & 1/2 lol 

Orientation: I guesssss… idk. I have lots of girl cr— yeah. idk like bi maybe??

Age: 22 >3> 

Eye Color: dark brown

Hair Color: black

Smoking?: nope, I’ve tried though Not my thing. 

Drinking?:  I also hate the taste of alcohol xD 

Drugs?: yeh. though only less than a handful of times. 

Job?: student but I do free lance stuff (websites. logos, illustration etc) 

Favorite Color: idk lmao;; pink maybe. 

Favorite Bands: i also dont know. IM5, The Overtones — I usually listen to covers on YT tbh. 

Siblings: only child yo 

Tattoos?: I’d get disowned, my dad tells me, if I dare get one /wrist 

Favorite Book?: ah i cant remember the titles of actual books. there’s also comics which is more of Batman Zero Year, Nightwing, Red Robin (YUUUHHHH), Redhood and the Outlaws, blahblah all the robins except steph coz i dont like her,Lil Gotham, Young Avengers.

Perfect Date: errrr.. I’m awkward with dates. Like, why cant i just stay at home or we stay at home and play games or something.

Unless it’s a con then yes pls lets goooooo 

Hobbies that you might not know yet: uh. drawing, graphic design, fashion???, semi-cosplay coz idk if im cosplay enough so far lmao;;; is that even— i like taking care of cats and dogs. I like hunting for stuff (as in, for pictures of so and so character, etc)

Why should I pick you?: pick me for what though.

Tagging: idk also i dont think im close to people ere on tumblr hoho /loner //crey